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Our History

CMMC Solutions is a division of Corporate Visions LLC dedicated to preparing the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) for its cybersecurity challenges. Our copyrighted process, RegAudit, saves OSCs up to 50% in long term engagements. Corporate Visions started serving the industry in 2005 and is celebrating its 19th anniversary. As Corporate Visions, we experienced the growth of cyber risk from the loan hackers in their mom’s basement to today’s trillion-plus dollar industry. The CMMC GRC tool companies are working feverishly to incorporate the RegAudit process.
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Why choose us?

The DoD created CMMC to improve the protection of its supply chain. CMMC is based on its current cybersecurity standard, NIST SP 800-171/172. The effectiveness of any security framework is limited by the experience and skills of the people applying the framework. Our cost-effective assessments include remediation implementation on Day One. Additionally, compliance does not equal security. Our experts guide our clients to a confident path to achieving compliance and meaningful security.

Our Mission

CMMC Solution’s mission is to help the US defense by strengthening the cybersecurity of the Defense Industrial Base’s (DIB) Cybersecurity. To meet this mission, we serve the defense contractors by offering services to prepare them to meet CMMC standards confidently and secure their systems against increasing enemy threats.

We are your

Security Solution

CMMC Solutions offers services to provide DIB solutions to meet their cybersecurity challenges through our partnership with Lifeline Data Center and the CMMC Fast Track solution. We have experienced IT Auditors with considerable cybersecurity knowledge. We understand the complexities and inheritance required to passing an assessment. However, more importantly, we know what it takes to be secure.