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Threat Hunting in Healthcare: What It Is & Why It Matters

Threat Hunting in Healthcare:  What It Is & Why It Matters      What Is Threat Hunting?     What do threats look like?     Why does Threat Hunting Matter in Healthcare?       Incident response is a vital part of a strong cybersecurity program. However, responding to cybersecurity threats and attacks is only part of the equation. Healthcare organizations need […]

Two Key Ways Development Teams Can Increase Their Security Maturity

Now more than ever, organizations need to enable their development teams to build and grow their security skills. Today organizations face a threat landscape where individuals, well-financed syndicates, and state actors are actively trying to exploit errors in software. Yet, according to recent global research, 67% of developers that were interviewed said they were still […]

What is GIS?

GIS and Healthcare…   There is no doubt that technology has made a significant impact in the medical world. Perhaps one of the most interesting technologies that has emerged onto the scene is one meant to more efficiently address geographical links to illnesses: Geographic Information Systems, or GIS.   What is GIS | Geographic Information System? GIS is an […]

New FAR issued on definition of “Domestic Product”

May 2, 2022 3:46 PM Joseph Goldberg I’m surprised there has been no mention of the new FAR 25-225 etc, on the definition of a “domestic product” to be used by contracting officers. The new FAR confirms the higher domestic content requirement to be a “domestic product.” Also, a) it says there will be further […]